Public House + Restaurant
Nestled in Salford MCR


A Gem Amongst Giants

The BlackFriars pub has risen from the ashes and been lovingly restored bigger and better than its previous incarnation. With capacity for over 220 revellers, we’re on a pilgrimage to bring together friends, loved ones and strangers alike, to break bread and share a drink.

We’ve resurrected the pub, which was rebuilt in 1886, following a 15-year hiatus, when it lay derelict due to fire damage.


A Journey Well Travelled

Blessed Benedict Farcire, the Benedictine monk was a man ahead of his time.

He passionately promoted the magical healing powers that breaking bread and sharing a drink could deliver in bringing communities and people together. He travelled far and wide on a pub pilgrimage across Europe, spreading this message in acclaimed brewhouses from Bruge to Bavaria, and continually searching for more, until he had an epiphany in 1886, Manchester. Attracted by the warmth and hospitality of the local community, he realised that instead of constantly searching for more, he should be happy with what he has – his wandering ceased.

To thank the local community for his enlightenment, he opened The Black Friar pub, drawing inspiration from all the pubs, brews and food he’d encountered on his travels.

stop by. settle in. gorge oneself.