The New Menu

Spring into Spring at The Black Friar.

Inspired by warmth, flowers and new life – our Spring Menu has landed. An abundance of flavoursome dishes awaits, from seasonal meats to foraged flavours. Welcome a taste of Spring to your plate.

In the beginning

Roast Pigeon Breast. Local wood pigeon served pink with a Jersey Royal potato salad, watercress and fresh parmesan. Drizzled with an indulgent truffle vinaigrette.

Crab Tortellini. Homemade tortellini folded through with white + brown crab and zesty lemon. Served with pickled squid, red pepper and a parsley purée. Warmer weather is simply made for fresh seafood + outdoor dining.

The main event

Cumbrian Lamb Rump. Our true showstopper of the season. Juicy pink lamb, charred hispi cabbage, creamy caesar style dressing, anchovy beignets + parmesan crisp. Seasonality at its finest – bringing to mind memories of Easter feasting. 

Skrei Cod, Garlic + Chive Mash.  Delicate Norwegian skrei cod fish, is in season January-April. Served here with a foraged wild garlic sauce. A sight to behold, a flavour to savour.

Chicken Normandy Leg + Poached Breast. A deliciously traditional French dish with a Friar twist. Mouth-watering poached chicken with crisp bacon, thyme and roasted lady apple purée. Drenched with a cider + bacon lardon Normandy sauce.

And it was so

Banana Bread French Toast. A dessert fit for a sweet tooth. Entirely homemade, our delicious banana bread is complimented with a sharp pineapple chutney and homemade spiced caramel custard ice cream. Pair with one of our dessert drinks for the ultimate indulgence.

Rhubarb + Custard Mille Feuille. A vegan treat, this dish balances the sweetness of dessert pastry with a light, zesty freshness. Served with homemade vegan custard, rhubarb jelly, and a custard crumb. Simply Spring in a bowl. 


All this and more… dine á la carte five days a week, Tues-Sat. Available in the Pub + Restaurant.

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