All the Pies

Beauty is in the pie of the beholder - daily pie specials throughout January.


If any season can be named ‘pie season’, then surely it must be Winter. And if any pub can be named the home of pies, it surely must be the Black Friar.

“Pie purists will agree that if you can’t throw it across a room with one hand, it’s not a pie.” – Jay Rayner

Inspired by a rave review by one Jay Rayner at the Guardian, our pies have become a sensation. We must admit they’re pretty bloody good. So, alongside our menu signatures, this January we’ll be serving up an ever-changing menu of pie specials.

Five new pies every Weds-Fri, just £10 between 12-6:30pm.

All served with creamy mash, greens and gravy.

We believe in pies for all. As we all know, beauty is in the pie of the beholder. Thus, behold. Whether you’re meaty, veggie, vegan or flexi, we’ve got you covered. Even the pie-sexuals (sorry).

Expect classics like fish pie and spinach & wild mushroom alongside new favourites by chef Ben. Think n’duja chicken fajita, duck & orange and lamb tagine.

Who ate all the pies? You did. Book online or just drop by.


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